November 18th, 2008


Decisions, Decisions

So it's DeepDiscountDVD time again (enter DD1108 or various other passwords to get 25% off from from now until the 23rd), and I'm trying to figure out my order. This time, my plan is too keep it at about a hundred bucks.

Of course, that means putting off the complete Dr. Katz set AGAIN. When am I going to buy that thing? Since the latest Simpsons set and Futurama movie came out, I'll definitely be getting those. Perhaps Iron Man, as well. They don't have the first release of Little Mermaid II, just a pre-order for the re-release. I can get that at any time...maybe that'll be on hold as well.

I've sort of been waiting for now to get Freakazoid, Birds of Prey, and Witchblade, but if I want to do my customary next MST3K volume, I can't take all three. Hmmm...I'll have to do some thinking on this one.

In any case, it's a good sale to take advantage of.