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One Track Mind

November 16th, 2008

07:35 am - Little Mermaid On Broadway

Forgot to talk about this even though I saw it about a week ago.

My sister and I got to the theatre about half an hour before it started and waited in line outside. It was pretty busy, but when everyone was let in, it wasn't that crowded. We sat in the balcony, but everything was easy to see and hear from where we were.

I was really excited about seeing not just a Broadway play, but one of my favorite movies ever. It certainly lived up to my expectations. They managed to make great use of the set and lighting, and the costumes were impressive.

The performances were amazing. The entire cast did such a wonderful job, and even the actors who did lesser demanding roles like Scuttle and Flounder really impressed me. And Jonathan Freeman (aka Jafar) played Grimsby! The only slight complaint I had was that Sebastian didn't pronounce "Ariel" like he did in the movie.

The play actually stuck pretty close to the movie. They had to do this singing Cinderella-type plot with the prince, and they added a couple more songs (since the play is longer than the movie), but it was great to hear familiar lines and to have a different cast do all the songs (which of course got stuck in my head). So I had an amazing time and plan to buy the soundtrack fairly soon.
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