November 3rd, 2008


It's That Time Again!

Time to get out and vote! Although elections can be tiring and worrisome, voting is a fun process. I'm going to do it right before work tomorrow, and then try not to go crazy thinking about it all day. As for who I'm going to vote for? Well, the phrase "May the best man win" may be a cliche, but this is what we, as a country, need at this time. We need someone with a good head on their shoulders, whose policies will bring us out of the dark, 8 years of Bush and set us on a long term path that does as much good for the most people as he can. I don't know for sure who that man will be, but I know who I believe it to be, and all I can do is hope things turn out for the best. For that man to rise up. Don’t try to stop him, or top him.

(Hillary Clinton): To destroy him, right?

(Bill Clinton): Uh…

Obama, Obama