October 17th, 2008


There's No "Coco" in the Coq Au Vin

So today's my birthday, and it's been a pretty good day. Last night I went out after work with some co-workers, which was cool. Today I have off work (I'm taking off Monday too), and in the morning I just did some stuff I've had to do (laundry, groceries, etc.). I talked to some friends and family, and then later, I met my dad at Grand Central, and we went over to this restaurant called Les Halles and met my sister there. The menu looked good, and to decide what I wanted to order, I decided to eat whichever character on US Acres is most annoying. Turns out it's Roy, so I ordered the Coq Au Vin. And it was delicious, as was the mousse au chocolate.

So, when I turned 25, I made a list of 25 goals. Here's that list again and how many I've accomplished:

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