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One Track Mind

August 25th, 2008

11:09 pm - I'm Writing My Toon Zone Review of Ariel's Beginning...

...and, God help me, I almost used the phrase "violates established Little Mermaid continuity". Sad, I know.

What's even sadder, I noticed that Ariel and her sisters have VA's that could be considered representatives of the four major DC teams:

Jodi Benson/Ariel is Aquagirl (Justice League)
Jennifer Hale/Alana is the Golden Age Black Canary (Justice Society)
Tara Strong/Adella and Andrina is Raven (Teen Titans)
Kari Wahlgren/Attina is Saturn Girl and others (Legion of Super Heroes)

And Grey DeLisle/Aquata and Arista is...I dunno...the Avengers rep (plus, like, half of them are X-Men VA's too, but, that's a bit of a stretch).
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