August 10th, 2008


Very Subtle Lois, Why Don't You Just Knock Her Out With A Sledgehammer?

A few thoughts from over this weekend:

-Of the 12 comic books I read over the weekend, 4 of them mentioned a President Roosevelt.

-I was going to save my Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck reactions until I finished (2 chapters away), but a couple things from Chapter X - I'm so freaking pissed at that House of Mouse episode that said Donald is more goose than duck! For a while, I've wondered about the Duck/McDuck family tree, and now I've finally seen it. So much work went into it, and a gag had me misinformed for years (not that I believed it, I just didn't know a comprehensive Donald Duck history was available). Grrr.

-Is it fair to compare the Beagle Boys to the Royal Flush Gang?

-Lex Luthor should find himself a nice woman and settle down. Seriously. Okay, he's an egotistical, amoral, murderous fiend, but is he really that bad a guy? A strong marriage would do him wonders.

-Traylor Howard needs to be in a comic book movie (you know, one that's not Son of the Mask). She was in Two Guys And A Girl with Ryan "Deadpool" Reynolds and Nathan "Captain Hammer" Fillion and is now currently on Monk with Ted "Sinestro" Levine and Hector "Bane" Elizondo. I just found out she was in an episode of Lois and Clark, so put her in a movie dang it! Possibly the Captain America movie, but she doesn't have to play Sharon Carter (although it'd be funny).

-I saw Whedon's Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, and it's hilarious and even a little touching. It's got Neil Patrick Harris as Captain Horrible, and Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer (my title for this entry is an attempt to use a Lois and Clark quote mixed with some sideways innuendo)

-Bernie Mac's death, although sad, didn't phase me much, but hearing about Isaac Hayes' death was a real shocker. Sheesh.

Also, I get my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow...yikes! Well, it needs to be done.