June 19th, 2008


Father's Day

Meant to update before the weekend was over. Ah well.

I saw The Incredible Hulk on Friday. I liked it, and had the reaction I expected, better than Ang Lee's Hulk, not as good as Iron Man. Two quick things:

1) As of next month, there will be a total of 16 superhero movies starring guys named Bruce (10 of those being in theatres; 12 of them being live action)

2) Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse all have movies coming out this summer. Throughout the course of his career, Ron Perlman has played one from each - Hulk, Batman, and Hellboy (with only the latter being both live action and voice acting)

So my dad came down to Queens on Sunday, and my sister also came from Hoboken. We ate at this Greek steakhouse less than a mile away from me. Despite the unpleasant news (that being Tim Russert's death, he spoke at my graduation 4 years ago, and it feels so sudden and shocking), we managed to have a good time. Weather held out, and I finally got to show my apartment to people (I haven't had any visitors since I moved in in January). It was pretty cool.