May 3rd, 2008


I Just Saw Iron Man

It kicked ass! For so many reasons, and it actually gave me many things to think about. This is the first Marvel movie to exceed my expectations in...I don't know how long. It may be because I'm not a huge Iron Man fan and as protective of him as, say, Fantastic Four, but it also may be because Iron Man is an easier character to adapt and they actually did a few things in the movie that didn't feel like just a by the numbers origin. I'll make multiple posts and wait until later because there will be spoilers, but I'll say two things:

1) It amazes me how Tony Stark manages to be a heck of a lot funnier in one movie than Spider-Man is in all three of his films combined

2) If you do go see the movie, for the love of Stan STAY UNTIL AFTER THE CREDITS!!!