April 27th, 2008


Get Cultured!

The last few days have been pretty cool. On Thursday, I got my new desk at work. What does that mean for the old desk? Well, we had to make a Craigslist add begging someone to take it. Here it is, with Peter modeling:


Friday, Karen came back from the UK, and it was great to see her again. We also had our first culture night, which was dinner at John's place. Karen was too tired to go to that, and Solenn had to leave early, but for the most part, we all showed up. In an attempt to show how cultured I am, I read "The Tyger" by William Blake. I only picked one poem because I thought I'd be nervous, but I really should've read "The Lamb" to compliment it.

They changed the wood door to the apartment building and changed the locks along with it, and the landlady said we'd get the keys on Friday. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get back from culture night until about midnight, and I was locked out. Well, I rang people's bells, I did have to get in, and everything. They didn't seem too inconvenienced.

Today was National Tai Chi Day. I know I got the e-mail, but it slipped my mind, and I went to the center. Only Master Chu was there, and I tried to play it off by saying I needed to renew my membership (which I did). So I went to Bryant Park, where I ducked behind a statue to change (like Barbara Gordon in "Holiday Knights" minus the sex appeal), but I didn't actually do any Tai Chi. Way too many cameras, and I only know about a dozen moves. It was good for me to see the whole short form performed, though. And tomorrow I'll be giving blood, hopefully.

And now, a moment of geek:

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