March 2nd, 2008


One More Day (Several Days Later)

With all these new things springing up that I have to react to, I need to backtrack a bit. I've been getting busy with other things, huh. But I just watched Bender's Big Score (which I absolutely love) and will soon be watching Justice League New Frontier, the Justice League on The Batman, and the premiere of Spectacular Spider-Man. I may get to see Hal Jordan and Gwen Stacy on the same day! That's a lot (and by the way Matt, please repost the Bender review. You too, elvenmoon, I read your TZ review, did you do an LJ post about it?).

And also, SNL likes torturing me, apparently, because they enjoy putting on celebrities I've been drooling over. Dude, that is so unfair.

And you know what else is unfair? The Spider-Man event "One More Day". Here is how I took it (spoilers aplenty, seriously, don't read unless you don't know what happened or don't care):

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