February 17th, 2008


Oh, The Pain of It All!

I started my first Tai Chi class today.

It was something I had considered doing for some time. I've been running pretty much nonstop these last six or seven years, and I'm trying to get back into weight lifting, but I always wanted to do something that would make my body less stiff, as that sometimes happens both when I work out and when I'm planted in front of the computer at work.

So after joining a gym and getting back into a regular workout routine, I finally got around to taking a Tai Chi class. It was...a disturbing experience. Disturbing in a good way, I suppose, but I never thought I could build up a sweat by just standing in place! Keeping my body aligned like they said was hard work. They only taught me one move, and I had to practice it for the hour. I guess it just goes to show I need this.

I'm signed up for three more classes. I think this could greatly improve my health. It's funny, I ran 5 miles this morning without too much effort, and then I do this, and it completely kicks my butt! Thing is, although it hurt while I was doing it, I wasn't sore so much when class ended. I'll have to see what it's like when I wake up in the morning. Anyway, all this just makes me want to try harder at it, and see where it leads me.