February 6th, 2008


So When Does Ellen Page Flash Jason Bateman?

I finally joined a gym. Right down at the wire, I might add, since January was almost done. I checked out the BQE 24 hour fitness place and New York Sports Club, both within walking distance from where I live. BQE was cheaper, so I signed up with them.

Saturday was my first exercise. I woke up early in the morning to hit the treadmill. I ran a few times over Christmas break, but I haven't run regularly since November. I decided to take it easy and not go too fast.

I had my iPod with me, even though there were three TV screens up on the wall. One of them was showing TMNT Flash Forward, the next one Spanish Carmen Sandiego, and the third one this thing about the movie Juno. The movie itself looks interesting, but if I saw it, I'd have no choice but to make a string of references to Arrested Development, Marvel movies, and even JLU. I wasn't paying too much attention to the TV, although at 10:30, I switched the treadmill's TV to Teen Titans, and some of "Betrayal" synchs up to the Gargoyles theme.

Although all I did was run, I did take a walk around the place. There are plenty of weight machines, so I'll hit those once I get brave enough (maybe this weekend). It feels good to get back to this.