January 5th, 2008


What's Wrong With Me?

2008 is still in its infancy, and I can't decide whether I'm more mature or less than last year. On one hand, yesterday when I found out that the last name of the guy who is the father of my co-worker's unborn child is "Stone", I immediately suggested that she name the kid "Victor". Also, upon finding the "Harlequin" file between the "Hamilton" and "Harmony" files, I made a joke to myself about Harley joining Harmony and Hamilton in their sex romp and having a menage-a-trois.

On the other hand, sickness struck half the office (yes...the female half), and today it was just me and the guy from Miami, so I felt like I took a big responsibility managing everything. It was sort of slow, but still, there were a few things I had to tackle.

So I dunno. I'm finally moving into my long-term place in Queens. I'm nervous about it, about calling a new place home. Full details later.