October 13th, 2007


Valid Points

Found this on John Byrne's forum (okay, it's over a year old, but that doesn't make it any less relevant). Here are the ten reasons you SHOULDN'T be writing superheroes:

(1) You come from screen writing, and think writing comics is just the same.

(2) You think the civilian guise is much more interesting than the superhero.

(3) You think having superheroes say "fuck" is "sophisticated".

(4) You think being assigned to a long established title is an automatic mandate to blow everything up and start over.

(5) You think the characters should serve your stories, not the other way 'round.

(6) You think Batman is "crazy".

(7) You think Superman is a "boy scout".

(8) You use the characters and stories as therapy.

(9) You pepper your stories with "jokes" (usually at the expense of the characters) to amuse your fanboy friends.

(10) You've "always" thought superheroes were stupid (and have often said so), but they sell better than your own comics, so you're in it for the money.