September 27th, 2007



This week went by fast, and there was stuff I wanted to post about but haven't got around to doing so. Stuff like Superman, Bionic Woman, and how my job is going and everything. Maybe this weekend...but right now, I'm in shock. Absolute shock.

The Forbes 400 list just came out, and Haim Saban is ranked 98 on the list. His net worth is $2.8 billion dollars. Haim Saban. Haim "Power Rangers" Saban is richer than Oprah. Haim "I Did The Theme For Dinosaucers" Saban is richer than Donald Trump.

::let's it sink in:

Wait, Haim Saban made his billions because he sold Fox Family to Disney? And that's why Spider-Man and X-Men's DVD rights are all messed up?


I'm going to kick Haim Saban square in the nuts.