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One Track Mind

September 16th, 2007

10:57 pm - Sheesh, Throw Me A Bone

Caught the Monk season finale on Friday. Randy was wearing Captain America PJs, and Stottlemeyer was making fun of him and throwing out comic book references. No Green Lantern reference? I'm disappointed.

Matt, I'm up to date on Gargoyles and finished the first Buffy arc, have you done reviews on all of those? Gargoyles had a particularly chilling and unexpected twist (to me anyway), and I wanted to know your response.

elvenmoon or anyone who would know...I just saw the first Pokemon intro again. Haven't seen it in I don't know how long...what's the deal with that girl who was never on the show (to my knowledge)?

And hey, check my new icon! It's from a comic where Bruce went undercover...as a woman.
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