September 3rd, 2007


Have An Awful Labor Day!

Me am so unhappy today am not Labor Day! Me am so busy and me hate it! Me hope you don't enjoy yourself and suffer all day. Boo! Please sit while me whisper ancient Bizarro Anthem*

No say, am no seeeeee!
By am night's early dark!
How shamefully quiet by
am morning's first fading!
Thin stripes and dull stars
through the comfortable peace, under trenches no watch,
am so cravenly hanging!

By no rocket's blue shade
am no shells dead down there,
gave no proof all day long
that the flag was unwhere!

No say does am star-strangled shroud hang limply!
Under land of no free!
Am us home

*Bizarro Anthem discourtesy of All-Star Superman #8