July 18th, 2007


Birds of a Feather

I'm still about two months behind on my comics (although I freakin' LOVE the Gargoyles #4 cross-reference), but that doesn't mean I don't know what's coming down the pipe. Namely, the fact that Hawkgirl and Green Arrow, two comics that I subscribe to, are/were/will be canceled.

I remember that fine spring day when I was a sophomore in college. Geoff Johns had done an arc over in JSA that brought Hawkman back, and then he spun him off into his own title. I remember eating a cherry Yoplait while reading Hawkman #1. It took me a while to warm up to it, but with Johns at the helm and Morales on art, it was a good book.

::flashes forward in case I want to actually do a Hawkman salute later::

After Infinite Crisis, Hawkman became Hawkgirl (as in, the title changed, there are no trannies involved). The first arc was blah, I didn't like Chaykin's art, but the Apokolips stuff afterwards was pretty cool. But, sadly, someone's clipped the bird's wings. It's not all bad, Hawkgirl will still be in Justice League of America (and my subscription to that has been extended).

Then there's Green Arrow, which I'll get to much later, but my subscription said it was going to turn into a book called Green Arrow and Black Canary, HOWEVER, today I got Black Canary #1 in the mail. It's a 4 issue limited series? I'm confused. Ah well, it's good to know I can still proudly carry a subscription starring a female character (not counting Wonder Woman because even though I subscribe to it, that title's sucked since OYL).