July 12th, 2007


More Witches Stuff

Yeah, yeah, I said I was going to comment on the movie vs. the book The Witches by Roald Dahl a while ago. I got lazy.

Actually, I don't have that much more to say. The movie was a pretty faithful adaptation. There were more details in the book, as is usually the case, Bruno was a bigger jerk in the book, and the movie had a different ending (with a good witch that came from nowhere), but I have to say all in all, I like them both. Because they both freak me out.

Evil witches, seriously. I think this book had an influence on Brian Michael Bendis. I mean, the guy DID make the Scarlet Witch go crazy when Wasp mentioned children. It really makes you think.

I was also reminded of Amy from Buffy, the poor witch who was turned into a rat. The main character in the book even says "How long?!" like Amy did. Of course, he's wondering how long mice live, whereas Amy was wondering how long she had been a rat.

I have to say, I like my witches nice and friendly like on Sabrina. Although I didn't realize that show implies that many witches are furries. There is a chain of Hooters in the Other Realm, only in theirs, waiters dress up as owls. They dance around, they pop out of cakes during bachelor parties, and they give guys "flap dances". I...I...there are no words.