June 15th, 2007


Because It's Worth Repeating

I said this a year or so ago:

Now hold on a minute, Stu, I don't think Jessica Alba should be given a free pass because she has boobs. In fact, that makes the casting even worse. Like you said, Sue just came off as annoying in the movie, but I have a serious problem in the casting.

Sue Storm should NOT be a sex object! She's one of the first female superheroes and even received flak from fans in the 60's. She's done a lot for the place of women in a team environment, much more than her contemporaries, Wasp in Avengers and Marvel Girl in X-Men. Sue went from being the Invisible Girl to the Invisible Woman (how many heroes can say they made that transition?) and shown she can be an effective hero and mother.

I must also mention that the Invisible Woman's costume isn't showy at all (okay, it was for a brief time in the mid-90's, but whose wasn't?). I can excuse the movie for making her there for Reed and Doom to fight over (since in the early comics she was pursued by Reed and Namor), but Sue's importance to the team should come from her patience and being the voice of reason (and as we see, her "reason" compliments Reed's "logic" very well). By being Reed's wife and Johnny's older sister, she's the team's den mother. Having that scene in the movie where Alba gets invisibly naked is a disgrace to the character. It's inexcusable, I don't care how hot anyone thinks Jessica Alba is.