June 5th, 2007


Tomorrow's A Big Day...

These past couple days were pretty ordinary for me, a little slow, but I've been applying to a lot of jobs. By the grace of Diana, I actually heard back from two places today!

The first place is a non-profit organization, and I'd be managing databases for them and whatnot. They actually called me like an hour after I sent them my resume. They seemed impressed with me, so hopefully I'll impress them further with my skills tomorrow. I don't want to be too nervous, but I want to show enthusiasm for working with them.

The second place called me a few hours later (I think I applied to them yesterday), and I scheduled their interview a little bit after the first one. They're more a fallback place since they seem to want me for my knowledge of NASD, SEC, and other stuff I learned while working in finance. Not exactly the field I want to enter, but the pay would be better than anything I've earned before.

I don't know how many months it's been since I've been to the city (4 or 5), but I'm going in tomorrow...I've got hope this could be something good for me!
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