June 2nd, 2007


Fan Vid # Eight...I Mean...Seven - Hillary Clinton Ain't a Hero! Aquaman's a Hero!

Quick background on this one. The year was...let's say, 2004. That's when they announced that Justice League would become Justice League Unlimited. I didn't want to read too much about it or know too much because there were a lot of episodes I was yet to see. In any case, I did hear that Aquaman would take his rightful place among the Justice League and I was happy. There was a car commercial...I want to say Honda Civic...that took place on the beach and used the song "Ocean Man" by Ween in the commercial. So every time that commercial came on, I'd hear the song and think about Aquaman joining the JLU, and I'd get excited. Even though he ended up only having speaking parts in two episodes. So I finally took the music and set it to Aquaman clips.

I think it came out all right. Not my best video, certainly. The clips didn't match up to the lyrics that well. What really made me want to do it was the Denizens of the Deep part, which I did end up liking, for the most part. I spent hours searching through the Little Mermaid, and Ariel's only in the video for an eighth of a second. Go figure.