May 15th, 2007


Bon Voyage!

So Gilmore Girls ended tonight. I only got into it 2 years ago and played catch up with ABC Family, but I really enjoyed the show. I admit, the finale did get me choked up a little. I love that Rory means so much to the town, that Lorelai is going to continue the dinners with her parents, all of Lorelai's advice to Rory, and Lorelai and Luke getting together.

I may do a further comparison to how much I like something like Gilmore Girls stacked up against my stronger fandoms, but I did notice a couple things. Emily's words to Rory reminded me of Batman's goodbye to J'onn and Flash in "Starcrossed".

And also, there was no wedding! It seems like since the late 19th century, women protagonists need to be married off at the end of their story. But as Buffy pointed out, she's still baking, as is Rory, who dumped the chump last week. And odds are, Lorelai could very well marry Luke in the future, but it's good it was open ended.

So to commemorate one year of JLUlessness, I've gotten rid of my One Year Later pic and replaced it with Lex Luthor. I've also replaced Grodd with Alan Moore. And now I leave you with this:

LORELAI: I guess they’ll just have to read your stuff.
RORY: I guess so.