April 25th, 2007


Happy Spring, Everyone!

I would've done this sooner, like on Sunday, but spring is finally here! It's warmer outside, trees don't look so dead, and it actually SMELLS like spring. Even though it was raining today (and, thanks to knocked out train power lines, there was heavy traffic and it took me two hours to get home from work), it was still a spring day.

And because it's spring, my mood has been affected. Maybe that's why quotes have been spewing from my mouth. It's been a while since I've been this free with the quotage (maybe because things weren't that great for me for a few months there), but here's how my week went:

Monday: "Where's my Coco?!" (Brainiac 5, "Brain Drain")

Tuesday: "Two points!" (Lois Lane, "A Little Piece Of Home")

Wednesday: "Your trash is in my ocean!" (Aqualad, "Wavelength"*)

And the sad thing is, it wasn't entirely inappropriate for me to say those things. I wonder what I'll come up with the rest of the week. Oh, and I also had a dream last weekend where I bought an entire series set of The Batman on DVD. I seemed pleased by it too. I'm still undecided, I feel like I should either get the whole series or not. I'd decided not to before, but this season's been better than any season of Teen Titans, so by my own rules, I should own it.

*Yes, that's a thing I'd normally associate with Namor, but that was the most badass I'd ever seen either Aqualad or Wil Wheaton.
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