March 15th, 2007


Cats Have 7 Lives

Okay, they have nine lives, but this is my seventh video, give me a break. I'm going to make a longer post about my videos, as I've sort of discovered my trend and where I want to go with these, but that'll be for another time.

Right now, here's my Catwoman video, which has been at least ten years in the making. The Billy Joel song "She's Always A Woman" was written before I was born, and most of these clips are from BTAS. I've just always associated that song with Catwoman, so it wasn't too hard to make this. The song's slow, though, and I like to make my clips fast. I think my timing was okay.

It seems that, much like my videos with Shayera and MJ, I like to show the subject looking wistfully at something. I guess that's my attempt to make the video go through the emotions of the character. And Catwoman's got a lot of them. While going through clips I noticed she gets handcuffed/tied up a lot (even in episodes where she gets away, like in "Almost Got 'Im" and "Cult of the Cat"), and I like the fact that the purple outfit she wears in court in "Cat Scratch Fever" is seen in the flashback of "Catwalk". So here we go:

Notice how in my Justice League and other videos, I refuse to show Batman taking any blows, but here I have no problems with him being kicked, scratched, and thrown off a building as long as it's Catwoman dishing out the damage.