March 1st, 2007


Should I Pre-Order Or Not?

Disclaimer: Every word of this story is true. It happened tonight, and I exaggerate nothing.

It's March, and that means the final two DCAU (not counting Static or Zeta if they ever get releases) DVD sets will be coming out. I drew up a brief want list on Amazon (some including pre-orders, a couple things already out), but since I spent most of my gift certificate on Sandman, I didn't have enough to cover all my DVDs. My current job is enough money to cover me through March, but I'm still not sure when's the next time I'll get work after this.

Thus the conundrum, pre-order everything with the money I know I have or wait to place the order until I have something else down the line?

All I'm asking is for a sign.

Huh, Wayne Brady's on 30 Rock*.

Wayne Brady.

::places order::

*There was also a Wonder Woman reference, but I had already decided to place the order before that.