January 9th, 2007


I Guess 2006 Wasn't So Bad

I haven't posted in a couple days, I was still trying to gather my thoughts on 2006. Plus I didn't feel so well on Sunday, and I've been sleepy during the day and having trouble getting to sleep at night.

I'm better now, although I've been listening to the Buck Rogers song a bunch of times (more on that in a future, entry, possibly).

So, 2006 was my second full year out of school, and I was working the same job through most of it, and even though I thought I did a poor job of getting out of my previous place of employment, I did accomplish a few things. I did good work at my internship, and at my actual job, they said they would've hired me if I wanted to stay on. I may've scoffed at it before, but knowing that I was actually competent at my first real full-time job makes going through these times easier to handle.

I wrote a few things I was proud of last year, and I'm going to keep it up this year. I want to keep everything up. I've lost a lot of momentum and morale, but I shouldn't think 2006 was a waste. I still can't find a real resolution for 2007, but I want there to be some things I do that make me proud.