December 30th, 2006


2006 First Appearances and Debut Performances

I'm surprised it took me until 2006 to think about doing this, but I'm glad I didn't miss 2006 because it was a big year. The two Ultimate Avengers movies, X-Men The Last Stand, Superman Returns, Smallville, Fantastic Four, Legion of Superheroes, and the last few episodes of Teen Titans and JLU introduced a lot of new characters. Characters over 40 years old that have never had an actor portray them or have been animated appeared for the first time.

I separated this into two categories. "First Appearances" are those who have never been portrayed before, like Justin Hartley as Green Arrow, and "Debut Performances" for new actors, like Brandon Routh as Superman. And I divided those into live action and animation subcategories.

My rules were pretty simple, the show or movie had to be released or aired in 2006. For example, despite the fact that Cartoon Network could've aired "Flash and Substance" last fall, it wasn't aired until February 2006, so Alexis Denisof as Mirror Master counts. However, I can't include Thomas Hayden Church as Sandman because even though he's been cast and filmed and they've even released the trailer, Spider-Man 3's release date won't be until 2007.

I'm not including made up characters like Everywhere Man from The Batman or those Morlocks from X-Men (and I'm too lazy to include some minor characters).

I also only included movies and TV shows because with both Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Justice League Heroes coming out (and me having played neither), it's a bit too much to keep track of.

Phew, okay, here I go. And I welcome any corrections/additions because I doubt I got this thing 100% correct.

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