December 13th, 2006


Eerie Dream

Yeah, normally my dreams don't make sense or have any relevance, but the one I had last night kind of worked with what's been going on lately.

I went into New York yesterday to interview for a proofreading position. They had me take five tests, and I did poorly on one, but they let me re-take it, and I did better. This was actually through a staffing agency, but they said they're in contact with this huge corporation that needs a bunch of proofreaders this time of year. I thought that sounded pretty good, and I told them I could work any shift. It's good to have, even if it's temporary. It seems like they were ready to put me in soon because they sent me to go take a drug test. I was like "Wait, you didn't tell me about a drug test..." and they said "Well urine for a surprise!"

While I was out, another place called, this was a permanent position as an editorial associate. I had a dream last night where my 7th and 8th grade Language teacher Mrs. Ryan (who I was thinking about, what with all the proofreading and grammar rules) gave us all a test on Crisis on Infinite Earths, and everyone except me did well on it. Yeah, way to shake my confidence, dream.

But anyway, I'm going into New York again tomorrow for the interview. They said they were going to give me a proofreading test too. I'm glad I know what they're like now...assuming this one will be similar to the other one. Actually, I don't know what to expect (aside from people asking if I can speak Arabic...that happens to me a lot when I go into New York). I'm just going to go in and hope for the best. I'd rather have this job than the other one because it's permanent. I've been using staffing agencies because they have lots of jobs coming in, and it's not like you need tons of experience. Well, we'll see.