November 25th, 2006


So Happy Feet DOES Have A Plot!

It's been a busy couple of days.

So my friend and his girlfriend were up from North Carolina for Thanksgiving. Last night, a bunch of us got together. I don't remember the first time we did our little gathering thing, but it wasn't long before our yearly custom became an annual tradition.

It's kind of sad we don't get together as often anymore, but I guess these things happen. I gave my one friend her birthday present, and she gave me mine (since we haven't seen each other in a few months). She actually gave me The Little Mermaid! Scarey how this is the first and only Disney DVD I own (although I have Aladdin on tape somewhere).

So our evening consisted of eating Thanksgiving leftovers, watching The Last Dragon, and pillow fighting. Very fun, but very tiring.

Today we managed to get together to go to the movies. We decided on seeing Happy Feet (yeah, I know, I say I'm not going to see the movie and I end up seeing it). It was a LOT funnier than I expected, and really, most of the weird "break out and sing" moments are in the beginning. Then we see our hero's journey of being different and then finding himself. The funniest parts were with Mumble's amigos as well as Robin William's Lovelace. And either my mind is in the gutter, or it had pretty sexual parts, which I laughed at. I also couldn't help but to think about that British penguin from the Manger Babies. The animation looked good and fluid.

So yeah, that was my couple of days, phew, it feels like this holiday went by pretty quickly. I'm glad I got to do a lot.