November 21st, 2006


Thanksgiving Is Cancelled

You read right, folks, there will be no Thanksgiving this year.

For me, anyway. My godmother hurt herself, so she won't be doing the annual Thanksgiving thing at her place (where I've been going since...I don't even remember how long, except two years ago when I was in Las Vegas). It's a shame, I was going to fry up a turkey, too.

In luie leiu lieu of that, my father ordered this package thing from Boston Market, so we're just going to have dinner here. My sister and her roommate will also be with us. Thursday morning we're going to run a 5K, and then the four of us will have dinner. My friend is also coming up, so a bunch of us will get together on Friday.

It'll be nice, but because of my current unemployment, I'm not really looking forward to socializing at all. Holidays can be really depressing when you have that "life sucks" attitude and you don't want to talk to people because you don't want to tell them that you're doing absolutely nothing with your life.

::sigh:: Here's hoping I have something going on by Christmas.