November 12th, 2006


Romance - The Lowest Form Of Relationship

I've had this kicking around my head for a while, figured I'd type it out. A lot of fiction revolves around the way one person interacts with another person, right? Whether adversarial, supportive, incidental, whatever, relationships between two or more people make stories. Lately I feel that romantic relationships are a lazy way of doing this, and it's more interesting when two people interact with each other and form a bond due to things other than a mutual attraction. I think part of what prompts me to write this is how fun the Bashir/O'Brien friendship was on Deep Space Nine, and their little moment when they admit how much they like each other.

And also contrast that with Lana Lang, who will slowly drain the life out of a character and every scene she has with them until they are as dull as she is (Lex used to be my favorite character, but this is easily his worst season simply because all his scenes are with Lana now).

Right then, I'm feeling ambitious, so spoilers for DS9, Smallville, Superman Returns, JLU, Buffy/Angel, Fables, Gilmore Girls, and many different forms of Spider-Man (616, SMLMJ, Ultimate, and the movies).

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