October 22nd, 2006


Do I Like Redheads All Of A Sudden?

I used to hate redheads (and in this entry I'm only referring to females with red hair). Actually, not "hate", I'd say "fear" is a more appropriate word. When I was a bit younger, there was something creepy...unnatural...about redheads. I never saw one in real life, so they seemed, I dunno...alien, inhuman, mutant, take your pick.

Once in college I saw a redhead, actually. She was working at a bowling alley, and my friend was attracted to her. Not me, though, there's a reason we nicknamed her "Big Red". She could've been a Female Fury.

Yes, my distate for redheads has gone on quite a while. But I dunno, I've been watching The Little Mermaid and episodes of the old Spider-Man cartoon, and they don't seem as scarey as they used to. Hopefully I won't freak out if I ever meet a redhead some day.
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