September 6th, 2006


I Need Suggestions...FAST!

My obsession with the Blackhawk theme has finally come to a head! I downloaded a program so I can rip audio off my DVD. I successfully took the Blackhawk theme from season one of Justice League (good thing it was in all-audio format!), so now I am happy.

But not satisfied, for I am a jackal, and it's never enough. Unfortunately, I only downloaded a trial version of the software, so it's set to expire this Saturday (plus I can only take 5 minutes of audio, but really, that's plenty).

So I need suggestions of which musical I should take off my DVDs. In addition to Blackhawk theme, I also have Batgirl's theme from "Batgirl Returns" and Nightwing's theme from "You Scratch My Back" (although I need to check it at the end of "Old Wounds", I'm not sure which is longer). I also plan to take...

-The Joker/Two-Face/Penguin theme music from "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne" (I know there's some talking, but it's a cool musical moment)
-Anya's song from "Selfless"
-The song in "Less Than Hero"
-I want MacBeth's theme, and I'm thinking the longest I can take it without any talking over it is during the fight with Demona in "City of Stone", but I'm not sure...
-Is there a special feature on any of the X-Men Evolution DVDs with Toad's theme?

Argh! I'm so scatter-brained! What else is there?! Any thoughts/comments/suggestions are appreciated (I may end up buying this software when the rest of Justice League and Teen Titans come out anyway).