August 29th, 2006


Favorite Roller Coasters

In my last entry, I neglected to mention last Friday's episode of Psych, where they went to a comic book convention. Whoever wrote that episode knew what they were doing. The guy's last name was "Breyfogle", the Green Spirit was like a Green Hornet/Spirit-type character, but the nipples on the costume were all Batman.

What I found interesting were the two friends named Rob and Don, most likely named after the characters in Dark Knight Returns. How did these guys get so popular? They were in an episode of both The New Batman Adventures AND Teen Titans. It's possible they might even show up on The Batman this season.

I get four days off for Labor Day, so on Thursday, I'm flying down to Virginia to visit my mother. I'll probably update and check on everyone's entries, but here's fair warning that I might not.

Vacation season's just about over, summer's just about over. I had a couple trips a few months ago, but since I work all year round, I didn't really notice. However, I do fondly remember going to amusement parks (I still manage about one a year), so for the heck of it, here are my top ten roller coasters:

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