August 8th, 2006


A Peek At iyamthesisko's Mind

I hacked into iyamthesisko's computer the other night and found his journal. Here's his most recent entry:

"He didn't break up with me, I broke up with him. No, you're not conceited, you are just honest. I think our cheerleading squad should boycott tuna for a while. I was going to be the only one with the white bathing suit, and then SHE got it too. What, you got your head stuck in the sunroof? That is so not good! I loooooove cheeeeeewwwwwing guuuuuuum! He's like 'whuddever' and I'm like 'WHATEVER' and he's like..."

Well, yeah, it kinda goes on like that.

I'm worried about iyamthesisko. He has periods of time where he blacks out and forgets who he is. I have a theory that he actually has a second personality that thinks he's a highly-caffeinated cheerleader.

I call her Gamblor, and we must save him from her neon claws!!!
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