August 7th, 2006



Another reminder about the chat tonight. It's at 9:00 PM ETS, conveniently 3 hours before Pee Wee.

It's a pretty relaxed environment. Last time there were only three of us (and the time before that we shall not speak of), and it went pretty well.

I'm thinking tonight we'll open up with a few "In America and In Russia" jokes, and then we can talk about bands we like and chicks that broke our hearts. Beverages will be provided, but if you want, you can bring some. Guiness, Harp, or Bud...O'Douls, maybe if anyone wants that.

We have special guest Larissa Oleynik scheduled, but even if she can't make it, come. We'll be talking about ways to handle the website that Matt is setting up, and the sooner we do that the better.

Not sure how long the chat's actually going to run for, but towards the end, our music guest Fallout Boy will provide us with a number or two.

Hope to see you there!