August 3rd, 2006


The DCANew - Counterpoint

We all want more DCAU, right? It doesn't feel quite finished does it? Nope, not at all. And it's such a massive, rich universe, it's really beautiful.

But you know what? I'm looking forward to non-DCAU stuff. I mean, there are even more possibilities with a fresh universe!

I'm not trying to bash the DCAU, but there are a few things I would love to see that I don't think the DCAU did to my satisfaction. Tim Drake and Carter Hall, to be specific. I would LOVE to see a Robin and Hawkman closer to their comic book counterparts.

I'm also a huge fan of Flash and Green Lantern, bigger than Batman and Superman, and it'd be awesome to see them given origins (since we don't see John get the ring nor do we see a non-dream-induced version of Wally's origin). Plus, Barry Allen and Hal Jordan? Maybe the Justice Society? The DCAU chose not to do those, and that's fine, but if new DVDs cover that? More power to them!

That's just stuff in general I'd like to see, specifically, I'm looking forward to this Judas Contract thing. I was skeptical at first considering Teen Titans season 2 is essentially the Judas Contract, but despite how much I love Teen Titans, a different approach is welcome.

The Teen Titans cartoon was based on the Wolfman/Perez team, which was a good choice, but there was no "teen sidekick" thing. Robin was on the show, but Kid Flash and Wonder Girl weren't. It'd be cool if the Judas Contract had them and mentioned their mentors. If this shows Dick Grayson deciding to go from Robin to Nightwing, I'd like to see them work in Batman in some way.

And also, that season 2 finale was kind of a cop out. Terra supposedly "killed" them and they regrouped out of nowhere! Argh! Call the villain Deathstroke! Okay, bring on the new stuff I say, I'm ready!

Although I'm still not THAT enthusiastic about Death of Superman, and I still want DCAU DTVs to come out! I'm greedy, I know.