July 27th, 2006


The Shared Universe Part 7: Closing Thoughts

I really does boils down to fan mentality. To really enjoy it. And not just comic book fan, any kind of fan. When you like two things for similar reasons, you want to see what it's like when they come together. Like Godzilla rampaging in Tokyo? Like King Kong rampaging in New York? Well, what would it be like if they met?

And again, you want to see characters created by the same people to come together. The Justice League of America? Bring in your all stars. Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, this green dude...you can even have Superman and Batman show up from time to time (I know the JSA came before the JLA, I don't care, better example).

Maybe it's vanity on the creators' part. That's why you can have characters from other shows cross over for fun. Salem can run rampant on every TGIF show. Anthony Russo can date Hillary Banks. It makes us smile, doesn't it? To go "Hey, I know you, you're from that other show!" Why are Drew Carey and Jerry Van Dyke walking around a water fountain in Vegas together? Why is Murphy Brown reporting on something Fran Fine did (that last one may've been a dream I had)? It doesn't matter, it's funny. Let the Urkel dance spread!

But I must warn you, there's a darker side to sharing a universe. There was this show called St. Elsewhere that ended up being dreamed up by this autistic kid named Tommy Westphall. St. Elsewhere crossed over with other shows that crossed over with OTHER shows. Does that make all them part of his mind? Who knows, but check out this link if ya want - http://home.vicnet.net.au/~kwgow/crossovers.html

And that just about wraps up what I have to say. Long live the crossover and the shared universe! Just don't go overboard with it. I'll catch you folks later.
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