July 25th, 2006


The Shared Universe Part 5: The MAU

You've heard about the DCAU often, and it's a big surprise that six or so different series can come together to form one continuity. And two of those series take place in the future! The DCAU, the Diniverse, the Timmniverse, call it what you will, but there's a definite progression and continuity from Batman The Animated Series in 1992 to Justice League Unlimited in 2004. And it was brilliant.

But what about Marvel? In the 1990's, Marvel simultaneously had FOUR different cartoons on at once. X-Men (1993-1997), Spider-Man (1995-1998), Fantastic Four (1995-1997), and Iron Man (1995-1997). Those are approximate dates. After Fantastic Four and Iron Man (The Marvel Action Hour) ended, an Incredible Hulk show emerged from the ashes (1997-1998). So, do all these cartoons share a common continuity? An Aradverse? A Marvel Animated Universe (MAU), if you will? Read on...

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