July 15th, 2006


Don't Quit Yer Day Job

Hm, so all last week I was in negotiation with this temp agency that could place me in a position that may be a bit more interesting than where I do work (like, in advertising, perhaps).

So I sent my e-mail made a few calls, etc. Bottom line is, they're more of an immediate thing, and they told me I should stay with the job I'm in now rather than quit and wait for them to place me. They said it's still possible that they'll get something in, and I'll have enough time to tell my job ahead of time that I'm leaving, so that's good.

It doesn't give me too much hope, though. The longer I'm at the job I'm in now, the more embarassed and frustrated I get. I would just quit and have the agency move me somewhere else, but...it hasn't come to that point. Yet anyway. At least I'm not alone, as mrbuu knows what I'm going through, and I'm sure others do as well.

Huge props to weatherman2111 for moving up, though. He'll be living the dream! It'll be another week soon, and I'll be exploring another avenue.