July 8th, 2006


Work Week

I neglected to update last night, but I guess it doesn't matter, I just wanted to give a week end wrap up.

Work remains a bit hectic since I have to shoulder more of the load than usual. I worked Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday because of the holiday, so next week may hurt a little financially.

Speaking of next week, I'm in negotiations with another agency trying to be placed elsewhere. I was shooting for New York, but it looks like I may have to go to Stamford first. Let's hope I don't get blown up.

My sister came back from Europe yesterday, but she forgot that I have a job (unlike every other lazy bum in my family), and she didn't want to stick around and wait for me to get back. She took her car and left for Hoboken. I did talk to her on the phone later, though.

The good news is I got my X-Men Evolution season one DVD bundle (the thing that held up my other order). The discs are all in good shape, and I don't mind too much they're in four separate boxes. I don't know when my season two DVDs (these I had to get separately) will arrive, but I'm in no hurry.