July 3rd, 2006


Do You Know What That's Worth?

FINALLY! I got my Amazon order! Man, it feels like I've been waiting so long. Ahem, well, here's the breakdown...

King of the Hill season 6

The New Spider-Man Adventures (I actually haven't seen all those, woo!)

Justice League season 2 (hey look, I can watch "Only A Dream" and "The Terror Beyond" again!)

Superman volume 3...this is it, this is the big one. I have all of Superman now! Plus "Little Girl Lost" and "In Brightest Day" (episodes JLU REALLY made me want)!!!

Now I know why mattzimmer is such a completist. I would LOVE for a Static Shock release for all the team-up episodes (as it stands, I only have the Batman Beyond episode on tape).

I also got three music CDs, Hits for Phil Collins and Belinda Carlisle (love my 80's/early 90's music) as well as Andrea Bocelli's "Romanza" since I can't seem to get "Con Te Partiro" out of my head.
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