July 2nd, 2006


July Birthdays

Happy July, everyone! Try to keep cool!

It seems I only have one July birthday on my buddy list, so if the ever-fabulous KuryWagner (or any other July birthdays) wish to do so, here are my Mad Libs for the month. I need:

4 Adjectives
6 nouns
2 plural nouns
1 number
1 adverb
1 exclamation

The Secret History Of Spider-Man

I've been a Spider-Man fan for as long as I can remember. Loved that Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. My first comic book was Spectacular Spider-Man #199 (which was May 1992, I believe, I bought it when I was 9). And I've been reading Spider-Man ever since. That's 14 years, and Spider-Man has been around for 44 years. So I've witnessed a good deal of Spider-history.

A character who's been running around for that long (and, let's face it, he's Marvel's cash cow) needs to be kept new and fresh (or so says Marvel editorial). And they've attempted many changes in the life of Peter Parker. Some were good, some were horrendous. Recently, something major happened to Spider-Man (Civil War #2), and I'm here to discuss ten changes that went down in Spidey while I was reading. I don't remember years and I'm too lazy to wade through all my comics, so I'll give my age when I read it, how I reacted to it, and how it ultimately affecte Spider-Man. So, ya know, spoilers for that and everything up to Civil War #2.

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