June 1st, 2006


Magical Meme Mystery Tour

I was tagged by juukuchi to do this meme or something about my soul. I must write six things about myself that nobody else really knows about. Then I have to tag six other people from my LJ friends list.

1) Throughout most of high school, whenever I unzipped my jacket in the morning, I'd reveal my shirt underneath and say "I have a friend that can help, a very close friend" (a Daredevil reference)

2) The crime I'm most ashamed of committing is sneaking into the first Matrix movie when I was 16 (I still paid for a movie, but The Matrix was rated 'R')

3) I despise Dick Sargeant.

4) If it weren't for The Simpsons ("Mother Simpson" and "The Old Man And The C Student"), I wouldn't be nearly as big a fan of gyros and taquitos as I am now.

5) I once calculated how many total hours I spent watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch in my lifetime. I think it was something like 4 days.

6) I have been waiting about six years for my father to say "Not bad" so I can shoot back "Yeah, for a guy your age" when we both do something (I'm expecting it to happen at a race). There are also a number of phrases I have saved for specific instances, but I think that's the one I've been saving for the longest.

Now I tag...

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Happy Marvel Day, Everyone!

Today I'm celebrating Marvel Day (since no one at CBR or Toon Zone or Marvel themselves seem to care). In fact, today is a very important day in Marvel history, it's June 1st, 2006. 6/1/06. 616. Earth-616 is the home our mainstream Marvel heroes reside (as opposed to DC's Earth One, it started out as a throwaway line by Alan Moore, I believe, but it caught on, sort of like how easy it is to say DCAU Batman so everyone knows who you're talking about).

Anyway, I might celebrate annual Marvel day on June 16th, but, much like 6/6/06, this day will not go wasted!

I have many fandoms, and I always considered Marvel my mother and DC my father (The Simpsons/Futurama is my crazy old grandmother, Gargoyles is my deceased older brother, Reboot is my deceased younger brother, South Park is my illegitimate brother, Buffy is my hip aunt, Final Fantasy is my favorite cousin I only get to see now and then, Star Trek is my long lost grandfather, and the DCAU is my father having a mid-life crisis). I have a history with Marvel, though, even moreso than DC.

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