May 22nd, 2006


Favorite Leaguers

When did JLU premiere, the summer of 2004? Anyway, a few months after it began, I ranked all 50-whatever members, and I've been updating it every year. Now I have my final list.

Granted, a LOT of this has to do with comic bias, but as we saw more and more of certain characters, they moved up on my list. And this is based on every DCAU appearance, not just JLU. A few quick notes, I've included Huntress since she's been in several episodes despite not being on the League. Supergirl's still there, and I had Mr. Miracle and Barda on, but I took them off since they're not members. Some weren't even on the original list, like Shayera and Captain Marvel, and I had to put Plastic Man on.

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