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One Track Mind

May 3rd, 2006

07:21 am - Employment History

So today I've got an interview with a staffing agency in New York, hopefully they'll be able to rescue me from my current ho-hum life. We'll see. I've been thinking about all the jobs I've had and, there were a lot. Here's the list (and these are just the jobs I was paid to do, not including the internships):

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10:51 pm - Go GRANDMA!!!

Today's my grandmother's birthday...hooray!!! I gave her a call. It'll be nice to see her in two weeks.

And since tomorrow is Daffy Dork's birthday, I've got a present for him and his non-sensicalness. So Brad, gimme...

3 Adjectives
5 Nouns
1 Part of Body
1 Plural Noun
1 Adverb

I can do this for anyone else's birthday as well. Style, I know yours is next month. Long live the Mad Libs 2006 calendar!!!
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