April 17th, 2006


Dick Grayson Is No Fun At Weddings Redux (2 of 2)

Disclaimer: What follows in both installments of this two part series is a rant on marriages and relationships in general. 90'sCartoonMan's rants are based solely on his mood and don't mean to offend anyone who is married, was married, or is thinking about getting married.

A note about that title, around the same time "Chemistry" first aired on TNBA, Wally West was getting married. His best man was Mr. Potato Head (aka Dick Grayson), who brought the whole mood down by noticing something was wrong with Wally (what with his "detective skills" and all). Turned out Wally was worried about how being part of his family would change things with Linda since Wally doesn't like his family very much. Either way, the only thing I could conclude was that Dick Grayson is no fun at weddings.

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