April 8th, 2006


A Note On Personal Theme Music

Heh, I just realized that I made my fan loyalty entry and didn't even mention Star Wars/Star Trek. Funny thing that.

I saw the cover art for the second season of Justice League. Superman and Wonder Woman are on the side. And I, for one, am glad that pointy-eared freak isn't on there. I have an even 20 action adventure cartoons on the top row of my Yaffa blocks, and a Batman is on a whopping EIGHT of them! The four Batman sets, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and the two Super Friends sets. I'm just lucky there's no picture on the spine of the movies (I put those in there too). Superman's also on a bunch of them, but that's all right, Superman's an upstanding guy. Batman creeps me out.

Speaking of Batman, that show made me realize how much I love personal theme songs. I don't mean themes that are variations on the main theme, but theme songs for individual characters. In my opinion, they were better on BTAS than they are now on JL, but that's because I can only pick out Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Maybe I need to pay closer attention. My favorite episode for personal themes is "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne". I'm not sure the order, but when Penguin, Two-Face, and Joker get off the plane and their themes play? That's pretty cool.

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