March 27th, 2006



Well, I'm one step closer to being eaten by the beast.

Last Friday us temps packed up all our stuff and labelled our computers. We took one last look at that cramped conference room that had up to six people working and said goodbye.

We moved into our new spot today. The entire department's in this new part of the building now. And best (scariest) of all, we get our own cubicles! I made out pretty good because me and another are up against the back wall, so we have more room.

Having so much space is NICE. My own drawers, my own cabinets, my own phone, my own stapler, my own IN and OUT box? SWEET DEAL!

There's a drawback, though. A number of them, actually, but right now, I want to talk about a co-worker that left. His name is Mark, and he was never really part of us, he didn't join in as much, and maybe he felt a little like an outsider. He really didn't seem to enjoy the work, and I'm not surprised he left.

Still, it hurts a little. Maybe we weren't welcoming enough. Us temps are all we have, and we should stick together. Thursday was his last day, and you know what? On Friday our supervisors didn't even bother to tell us. We were worried about what to do about his time sheet and everything. Then when we bring it to the attention of our supervisor today, he was just "Mark isn't coming back". Like he didn't care. Like Mark wasn't a human being that deserves a second thought.

I know I ranted about this before because this isn't the first time something like this has happened, but damn it, I hate it! I don't want to be swallowed up by this giant uncaring company who doesn't acknowledge the fact that human beings work for it and not some mindless drones who can be easily replaced.

Not that I can do anything about it, I'm just a mindless drone. A drone trapped in his cubicle all day, surrounded by people in his department. Some are strangers, some are co-workers, and some are, dare I say it, friends. But that won't last. Nothing ever really does.
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